The Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA)

Our mission is to protect and enhance the health of Californians and our state’s environment through scientific evaluations that inform, support and guide regulatory and other actions.

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Wild Fire Smoke - A Guide for Public Health Officials is designed to help local public health officials prepare for smoke events, take measures to protect the public when smoke is present, and communicate with the public about wildfire smoke and health.

Protecting Public Health from Home and Building Fire Ash This report summarizes safe methods of ash cleanup. Protección de la Salud Pública contra las Cenizas de Incendios en Casas y Edificios (Spanish)


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Nov 16, 2018: Proposed Amendments to Article 6 Clear and Reasonable Warnings Section 25600.2 Responsibility to Provide Consumer Products Exposure Warnings
In August 2016, OEHHA adopted the new Article 6 of Title 27, California Code of Regulations, Section 25600 et seq. OEHHA adopted amendments to the regulations on November 20, 2017 to clarify and make more specific certain provisions of Article 6.  Based upon questions received and additional input from stakeholders, this rulemaking proposes additional clarifying changes to Section 25600.2, subsections (b), (c), and (f).
Oct 22, 2018: Notice of Modification to Text Proposed Amendments to Article 6 Clear and Reasonable Warnings Residential Rental Property Exposure Warnings New Sections 25607.34 and 25607.35
OEHHA is requesting comments on the modifications to the regulatory text.  In order to be considered, OEHHA must receive comments by 5:00 p.m. on November 7, 2018, the designated close of the comment period.  All comments will be posted on the OEHHA website at the close of the public comment period.