CalEnviroScreen Training Videos

Welcome to the CalEnviroScreen 3.0 training videos. Click the boxes below to open and view the training modules.

Or play all through OEHHA's YouTube channel by clicking here.

The training runs approximately 54 minutes and is available with both English and Spanish closed captioning.

Welcome to the CalEnviroScreen Training

Video introduction to the CalEnviroScreen 3.0 training from Arsenio Mataka, Assistant Secretary for Environmental Justice and Tribal Affairs at CalEPA and Lauren Zeise, director of OEHHA..

Module 1: Overview of CalEnviroScreen

Module one describes a high level overview of CalEnviroScreen and some examples of how it is being used.

Module 2: Environmental Justice and Cumulative Impacts

Module two gives an overview of the topics of environmental justice and cumulative impacts.

Module 3: History of CalEnviroScreen

Module three gives a history of environmental justice and cumulative impacts at CalEPA and how this led to the development of CalEnviroScreen.

Module 4: CalEnviroScreen Model

Module four describes in more detail the CalEnviroScreen model including the type of data that goes into the tool.

Module 5: Overview of Indicators

Module five describes the twenty indicators that make up CalEnviroScreen.

Module 6: Calculating the CalEnviroScreen score

Module six describes how the CalEnviroScreen score is calculated for each census tract.

Module 7: CalEnviroScreen Results for California

Module seven examines the overall CalEnviroScreen results across California and how to interpret the results.

Module 8: How CalEnviroScreen is Being Used

Module eight describes how CalEnviroScreen is being used within and outside of CalEPA.

Tour of the CalEnviroScreen 3.0 Mapping Tool

Information on how to use the CalEnviroScreen 3.0 mapping tool.