Know Your Rights With Terms of Sale

By accepting our terms of sale, you agree that any medications or offers received from our agents are solely for your personal needs and use. You as a responsible party should carefully read and follow the instructions. Acknowledging the label and prescription of drugs is a step for receiving a proper consultation with your practitioner. Before buying a product with us, keep in mind that we do not offer an accomplished consultation on its usage, we just state overall requirements for its usage and descriptive information on side effects and possible consequences. In case you need additional information on a product, seek medical advice before starting an application.

The Price Matter

The final prices are based on the drug you choose at our online store. It may vary depending on the form, dosage, or quantity. Our company may also change the pricings of particular medications. It happens due to the supply and demand tracked on the market and other factors issued by the manufacturer. From our side, we do everything to provide the clients with the most affordable prices and they correspond to the quality.

Once you place an order, it does not necessarily mean that we will accept it. In some cases, we may need additional information, if the one provided to us does not meet the policy. Also, we do not accept the offers from various third-parties or dealers who want to resell our products. When you confirm the order and finalize the payment, we process it to the shipment. Delivery may face delays that do not depend on us but post/delivery companies. Also, some delays are subject to holidays and Sundays.

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